Custom ESP32 Audio Tinker PCB

Custom ESP32 Audio Tinker PCB

I created this ESP32 Audio board to make common projects easier: for example, retrofitting an old radio to stream MP3s, interactive talking toys, or making a home automation announcement box.

Project Specs

  • ESP32-WROVER Microcontroller, 16MB Flash, 8MB PSRAM
  • 256kb/s MP3 capable output, 3w mono audio amp built-in
  • Slide power switch and USB/Battery source switching
  • SD card slot allows local storage of audio library, and several playback modes that work like virtual radio stations across different presets organized in folders
  • 3.3v Regulator and reverse polarity protection
  • Optional I2S microphone support
  • PCB integrates I2S audio, GPIO, an I2C connector (QWIK) and level-shifted Neopixel port (WS2812, 5V)
  • Flexible web configuration software with a nice UI, integrated with radio libraries online
  • Open source, manually configurable, community supported

More details will be posted, project is in testing and should be available on eventually.

The Working prototype board, assembled:


PCB Close-up Details: